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Check out the weekly student parent bulletin for the latest news and information.


Check out the weekly student/parent bulletin for the latest news and information.


The Buckeye Union School District will be conducting assessments of students, in October, to determine GATE (Gifted and Talented Education) eligibility. Although the program opportunities for GATE students are limited as the State provides little funding for GATE, the Buckeye Union School District is continuing its process of identification and, for those that qualify, some opportunities for enrichment/support in and out of the classroom continue to be provided.


At Camerado Springs students are provided some academic and non-academic options for GATE identified students.  We offer advanced and accelerated math courses for those who qualify, and Spanish. In addition, each GATE student develops a DLP-Differentiated Learning Plan, in which the student sets individual academic goals.  These goals are shared with the teachers so teachers can challenge the students as much as possible within the classroom.  Camerado also invites our GATE students to participate in our GATE book club and GATE field trip.  Students are also invited to join our Battle of the Books team.  


In order for a student to qualify for GATE they must take the OLSAT (Otis Lennon School Ability Test) which measures the cognitive skills that relate to a student’s ability to learn and succeed in school and examines both verbal and nonverbal abilities. A student needs to score in the 95th percentile on the OLSAT in order to qualify for GATE. This means that only approximately 5 of every 100 students taking the OLSAT will be GATE identified. The OLSAT exam will be offered at Camerado Springs Middle School during the school day, October 19, 2016, and will take approximately 1 hour.


In the past, students have been qualified to take the OLSAT exam by either a high score in the advanced range of a state standardized test or through a teacher recommendation process. Currently, the OLSAT assessment is open for students to take based on parent recommendation and student interest. When determining whether or not your child should take this rigorous test please consider the following guidelines:


  • Does your child appear to have exceptionally strong intellectual skills for a student their age?

  • Have teachers previously reported to you that your child demonstrates exceptionally well developed intellectual skills?


If the answer to one or both of these questions is yes, then they may be a good candidate for participating.


If your student participates and performs in the top 5%ile, on the OLSAT, they will be identified as GATE eligible and will receive further communication from your school site regard enrichments and supports that are offered.


If you would like to have your child take the OLSAT test please complete the attached permission form and return it to your school by September 30, 2016. If there are any questions about whether to permit your child to participate in the OLSAT exam please contact your student’s teacher or site principal.


Every Day Counts

Every Day Counts in a child’s education. Every day a student misses school, he or she gets more than two days behind his peers, because he or she must make up missed lessons and catch up with new lessons at the same time. Regular and punctual attendance will help increase student academic growth. California Education Code Section 46010 states that the only valid reasons for absences from school are:

  1. Illness or injury to the child
  2. Quarantine of the home by a health official
  3. Doctor or dentist’s appointments that can only be scheduled during school hours.
  4. Attendance at funeral services for immediate family.

School districts NO longer receive funding from the State of California for students who are absent from school. This includes ALL absences, even those related to illness, medical/dental appointments. In other words, schools will receive state funding only for students who are in their seats for that day. Please be sure to assist your child in maintaining exemplary attendance to insure the best possible education for him/her, as well as maximum state funding for student attendance. Even if a student attended school part of the day we could still receive income for that student ($35-$40 a day per child). We kindly ask you to be sure your child only stays home when it’s absolutely necessary.

We know you want the very best education for your child, and we do too. Thank you for understanding that Every Day Counts, together we can give your child the very best education.

Incoming 6th Grade Orientation

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Today: 9/30/16
2:15 PM 1st School Dance (7th and 8th Grade Only)
2:15 PM Odyssey of the Mind

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